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Tower clocks
Interior clocks
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71-023 Szczecin, Poland
ul. Chobolańska 57
tel. +48 601 725955
fax +48 91 4871836

We offer also PRIMARY CLOCKS controlling time networks and secondary mechanisms.
REK firm offers You clockworks and clocs synchronized by radio broadcast with atomic time pattern. Clocks are supported by mechanical construction controlled by specialistic computer. Electronic secures parameters unattainable in mechanic clockworks. Construction of our clocks is based upon the latest technologies and thus they don't need service.

Synchronization of clock with atomic pattern takes place with intervention of radio waves from DCF-77 transmitter. This transmitter has power of 50 kW running at 77,5 kHz frequency in Mainflingen near Frankfurt on the Men in Germany. This station is running non-stop it sends forth coded time information. It is connected with most precisely timer in the world - caesium clock. Transmitter range is about 2500 km, so reception is possible all over Europe.

Please turn Your attention at advantages of our clockworks:
- they are made of stainless and rub resistant materials (bronze, stainless, steel, poliamids)
- they doesn't require to be smeared
- they doesn't got any moving electric joints
- they provide effect of smoth movingarms
-they are equipped with backupsystems with automatically self-feeding acumulators (if the clock wasn't equipped with backup system, then after a feeding break it would set itself right due to internal battery)
- clockworks are equipped with optical clock-hands controlling system
- computer controlling proper running of clockwork is able to correct false indication (wich could occured of damaging the clockwork or overbordering of clock hands)
- driving moment is programmed, max 20 Nm
- clock is adjusted to run continually between -25°C to +50°C
- clockwork is provided with two programmable outputs for other devices (for instance: bells, lights)
- clockwork is of small size, also it's elements were designed and produced in Poland
- our products got three or ten years warranty.