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71-023 Szczecin, Poland
ul. Chobolańska 57
tel. +48 601 725955
fax +48 91 4871836

If You are interested in industrial glues, visit sites devoted to glues of:


We offer also fillets and embraces:

You should also visit sites devoted to professional sound-systems devices for DJ's:

Main goal of our company is to restore old appearance and splendor of all tower- and front-clocks adorning churches, city halls, other buildings and interiors

We are installing clocks and carillions on the premises of Poland. They are adapted to work both inside and outside of the buildings. Size of clocks faces, shape of hands and letters (signs) are co-ordinated directly with our Clients.
Our electronical carillions play exact chimes as original bells and periodically play - for example - city bugle-call.

You can order a individual malody. We provide special compositions or above-mentioned bugle calls.

Even kids in our homes are plaing in "clock-making" (this clock was made by six years old David.
Company REK exist since 1995, and our best reference is dynamic development.
Our clocks and carillions are ticking for You already in several hundred places all over the country. Clockworkers with dozens year of practice are working with us.
From the beginning we cooperate with similar firm from Wrocław (Poland) ELEMIK.

You are welcome to cooperate.