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 ELECTRONIC carillions

Traditional bells
Bugle calls

Electronic carillions

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We introduce device for electronic imitation of clock and bells ringing and also chimes of carillions.

Wchich one of us doesn't remember beautiful chime from Cracow's church's tower transmitted by radio. This chime become the property of all Poles. It orginates from the legend of trumpeter-guard, who died while raising an alarm. During notorious Tatar's invasion and siege the city in 1240, guard who was looking out in market's tower noticeg approaching army, he begun playing alert. Thought guard was killed by Tatar's arrow and melody was interrupt, the citizens started up the deffence. Altough Cracow was completely destroyed. Later for a keepsake of this event, everytime that melody was played it was interrupted in a half and ofter a break played to the end.
If we will search through our city's history, we will find that almost every one of them had it's own bugle-call, and especially those which were also the fortress. Bugle-calls have had many functions, they were played at the sunrise and at the sunset, they were played fir afternoon break, with the last sound gates to the city were closed. In some cities the bugle-calls were played every hour as it is in Cracow.

Basic parameter's of electronic carillion:

- 200 sequences of switch ou's melodies in any day, distingwishing week-days, saturdays, sundays, months
- programable sound volume
- manual/automatic run mode
- internal speaker
- radio-controlled DCFreceiver internal clock
- LCD screen
- max. external power 200 W, optionally 2x, 3x, lub 4x 200 W
- speaking-tube 250 W or 50 W, air-tight
- feed voltage120 V or 25 V
- transmission frequency 20 Hz - 20 000 Hz - very high for this kind of devices
- perfectly ringing the hours or programmed chimes 
- carillon is synchronized with atomic time pattern by radio-wave from DCF-77, transmitter (for instance carillion automatically changes from summer to winter time)
- device automatically sets itself after a switching on
- we secure high quality of the product

If uou wish we could install device for probation.